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Saturday, May 19, 2018 ~11:30 AM

Red Lion Rd & Haldeman Ave

Philadelphia 19115



With American forces still fighting in World War I, the famous US Army Air Service Curtiss “Jenny” trainer planes were assigned to a new mission: Deliver the mail on a regular schedule between New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.  Army pilots made history when the very first airmail was delivered from New York to Philadelphia and the Washington-bound airmail took off in front of throngs of officials and excited citizens who came in Model T’s, farm wagons, and on horseback to Bustleton Airfield, located at today’s Red Lion Rd and Haldeman Ave.  Air mail instantly became an integral part of communications. Commercial aviation was born.  Delivered – in BUSTLETON!



Bustleton Field was the critical hub of the country’s first regularly
scheduled air mail route: New York-Philadelphia-Washington DC.

Join us for a fun leap back 100 years on May 19th as we:


·       Unveil a PA Historical Marker near the landing site

·       Commemorate the famous flight

·       Enjoy a brass band, antique cars, paper airplane contests,
history, flight, mail trivia, and MORE!!!!


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